Chapter 1300 (Teaser)

Pulling out the eyeballs—it was the habit of the yangban Haejin. Humans should walk around with their eyes to the ground. Occasionally, someone would raise their heads and she would threaten them. She had actually done it several times. She didn’t take into account the fear and suffering of her victims. The yangbans were the masters under the heavens and there was no reason to think from the perspective of a victim. 


Haejin’s sharp scream shook the ship as her left eye was cut. The shock wave that occurred caused the deck to become turbulent like they were riding on the waves. Grid stood on top of it and questioned Haejin, “How does it feel when your eyeball is pulled out? Does it hurt?” 

Ugh... Uuuuck!” 

Half the world seemed to be gone. 

Haejin barely saw the silver-haired woman in her narrower field of view and she cursed, “You...! You will be the human who dies in the most terrible way since Taejo! The moment I become a god, I’ll have your blood and flesh! I’ll find all those who have been in contact with you and kill them!” 

Red paint was sharply sprinkled on the world dyed white that was just like blank drawing paper. Haejin’s anger and killing intent...

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