Chapter 1299 (Teaser)

“I like the tenacity and spirit used to develop the sword dances so far when it was just a means of directing the ritual.” 

“Did you recognize the identity of my swordsmanship?” 

Grid used Open Potential in the first trial and showed his five fusion sword dance. However, none of the yangbans recognized the identity of the sword dance. It was natural. Grid’s sword dance might be based on Pagma's Sword Dance, but it had too many changes and developments. Unlike Pagma's Sword Dance, Grid’s sword dance maximized actions and power, so it took a different form that was much more combat efficient. 

Of course, some common points remained, but Pagma's Sword Dance remembered by the yangbans was just a single sword dance. It was virtually impossible to find common characteristics between the two sword dances. However, it was different for Chiyou. 


“The fusion sword dances are what I presented to Pagma so I have to recognize it.” 


“However, Pagma didn’t struggle. He overlooked the need for force. Experience the results.” 

The black and white world was overlaid with all types of colors. The blue sky, clear river water, and autumn leaves beside the river gained a picturesque harmony. Was the world so beautiful? Grid was admiring it when he woke up from his thoughts. 


Time started again and peace ended. Garam’s sword was just about to reach Grid’s heart. Grid had drawn simulations in his mind several times and quickly activated the White Tiger’s Breath. 

[The protection...

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