Chapter 1295 (Teaser)

Grid wasn’t surprised when he saw the way the grandmaster treated Pungsa. Rather than questioning it, he thought it was natural. It was because the grandmaster loathed the existence of a god itself. It would be funny if he was polite to a god. However... 

“I greet the god.” 

The grandmaster’s attitude when meeting Chiyou was undeniably polite. His greeting was respectful and he bowed deeply and solemnly without anyone making him do it. It was a completely different attitude from when he dealt with others. Chiyou—the most powerful god of the east and the one who educated the yangbans. The grandmaster was afraid of his power? 

Grid thought about it but soon realized this wasn’t the case. 

‘...It is different. Completely different.’

Rebecca, the goddess of light; Hexetia, the god of blacksmiths; Zeratul, the martial god; and Pungsa, the god of wind. So far, Grid had faced quite a few gods. He felt kindness and complicated emotions toward Rebecca, sympathy toward Hexetia, and fear and disgust toward Zeratul and Pungsa. 


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