Chapter 1293 (Teaser)

Grandmaster Zikfrector, called the 6th evil, Zik, in his previous life—his goal was to punish the heavenly gods and great demons who colluded with them. His long-cherished wish is to pull down the gods who stained the seven good men with sin and to spread the truth to the world. 

It was the most vain dream in the world. It was enough to be ridiculed by everyone, but Zikfrector was looking at the possibilities. He endured for a thousand years and hope sprang up. A person who was favored by the gods and could avoid their doubts, and a person who had the power to overpower the top great demons—the two keys essential to victory in the war against the gods were all in the present day. 

The former was Grid and the latter was Marie Rose. 


Zibal became wide eyed when the grandmaster, who went to meet with Grid, came back with Queen Irene of the Overgeared Kingdom. 

“Then, Grid...” 

Zikfrector’s words to introduce Grid were interrupted in the middle. Grid...

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