Chapter 1292 (Teaser)

Ten thousand, hundred thousand, one million, three million, ten million... 

There was no change despite the backlash from existing users. Since the new update, Satisfy gained a large number of new users in just a few days. The once deserted starting villages of each kingdom were crowded with people. It was the same for the Overgeared Kingdom. 

At Selena Village, in the Overgeared Kingdom... 

Soldier clicked his tongue when he saw the procession of novices outside the window. “Many of them are prospective believers of the Yatan Church...” 

The reason why new users started Satisfy at a later time was due to the emergence of the growth potions that boosted experience gain by 700%. Soldier was troubled when he thought they would grow quickly and benefit the Yatan Church in the future. 

‘Security will quickly deteriorate if a Yatan Temple is built near the village.’ 

4,986th in the unified ranking—Soldier’s ranking hadn’t changed significantly compared to before he joined the Overgeared Kingdom. It was because he had relatively little time to focus on hunting when he was in charge of the lord’s office. He was worried that...

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