Chapter 1291

[Title: The Yatan Church is selling experience potions? 

Contents: The Yatan Church is selling experience potions for cash. The Tier 1 potions can be taken by players below level 100, and the Tier 2 potions can be taken between levels 100 to 199. Tier 3 potions can be taken from levels 200 to 299. All of them had 700% additional experience and they can be stacked with other experience increase buffs. The price is 85,000 won for each, plus tax. There are no installment payments.] 

A post in a well-known community caught people’s attention. Naturally, there were some scornful responses. 

-Selling experience potions? It is even in cash? 

-Ah~ I see. You have started talking nonsense early in the morning. 

-What messy dream did you get this from? 

-Stupid idiot.

In order to play Satisfy, a capsule and flat monthly fee were required. The capsule cost ranged from 10 million won to hundreds of millions of won. The monthly cost was also over 300,000 won so it was a very expensive game. Now paid items were being released? There was no way. 

The S.A Group wouldn’t be sucking out money from players unless they went crazy. In the first place, there were no paid items in games these days. It was because, due to Satisfy’s influence, online and mobile games had their positions weakened. They had to stop selling paid items in order to survive. In this situation, the S.A Group that monopolized the market started releasing paid items? Would the S.A Group be able to handle it once criticism was directed at them and the stock price plummeted? 

[Title: Is it really released (screenshot) 

Contents: ‘Growth Potion for Beginner Adventurers’, Growth Potion for Intermediate Adventurers’, Growth Potion for Advanced Adventurers.]



-......The S.A Group jerks are finally crossing the line. 

- Don’t ᄏᄏᄏ. The guys who are raking in cash with the capsules and National Competition advertisements are selling paid items as well? ᄏᄏᄏ Their desire for money is beyond imagination. 

-We should boycott. Everyone has experienced it with mobile games. Once paid items start to appear, it will go out of control later. If this continues, even the enhancement stones will be sold for cash. 

-The price of the enhancement stones has been rising crazily for many years. I would be very grateful if it becomes a cash item. 

-There are many dogs and pigs. You will be grateful for cash items? ᄏᄏ Have you forgotten that we are already spending money on this game? ᄏᄏᄏ Why should we give extra money after paying a monthly fee? 

-Can the S.A Group force you to buy it? Just buy it if you want to buy it. 

-Yes~ don’t buy it ᄒᄒ Then I will buy it and use it myself. 

-Let’s not become pushovers! We are customers who are paying the amount required by the S.A Group to play the game. Customers! We have the right to criticize the S.A Group who suddenly released experience potions without any notice, causing direct or indirect damage to those who have played the game seriously until now! Let’s boycott them together! 

-The moment that cash items comes out, we will be completely eliminated from the competition by the credit card warriors! Firmly against cash items! 

-Players are already doing a lot of personal transactions, but they’re still in the competition. They are only selling experience potions in the range of 1-299. What does it have to do with the credit card warriors? Rather, it is an update for light users like us. 


 -No, this... if sales for the cash items this time are high, they will continue to add cash items in the future. You don’t understand the seriousness of the situation... 

-We can’t stop the S.A Group even if we argue for 100 days. What can we do? Are you going to quit the game? Can you sit in front of the computer and watch the monitor while playing games? Huh? ᄏᄏᄏ You can’t stop playing Satisfy. Congratulations on being caught by the S.A Group. ᄏᄏᄏ 

The S.A Group was able to handle the public criticism. Rather than falling, the stock price rose. People also knew that those who played virtual reality games could no longer return to online games or mobile games. Furthermore, the experience potions released by the S.A Group were expected to attract new users so it was natural for their stock prices to rise. 

In the midst of the turmoil. Chairman Lim Cheolho held a press conference. He gradually answered the questions of 800 reporters from around the world. “First of all, I’ve said many times that we aren’t involved in the content of the game. The developers just created Satisfy’s system and worldview. All the changes that have occurred since the opening are the result of the players and Morpheus.” 

“Do you mean this is true for the experience items incident? It wasn’t the S.A Group that updated the paid items. It was the players and Morpheus?” 

“That’s right. The choices and actions of the players have greatly weakened the Yatan Church and the influx of new players to the Yatan Church is decreasing day by day.” To be exact, it was the result of Grid’s choices and actions, but Chairman Lim Cheolho didn’t say this. “Furthermore, the Rebecca Church is the biggest rival of the Yatan Church and they are getting stronger every day. There are signs that the destruction of the Yatan Church is coming.” 

This was also the result of Grid’s choices and actions, but Chairman Lim Cheolho remained silent. 

“However, there is still a role for the Yatan Church. There is no balance problem since it largely enriches the setting of a religion that serves Yatan, one of the absolute gods.” 

Chairman Lim Cheolho called up the data on the screen. Images and details of the experience potions released at this time floated on the holographic screen. 

“As you can see, the conditions for taking the experience potions are limited to ‘Yatan Followers.’ It is evidence of an update to attract new and mid-level users to the Yatan Church. Morpheus has done this update purely to protect the balance of Satisfy.” 

“Then why sell it in cash? The reason why people suspect that the S.A Group intervened in this situation is because the item is a paid item. The profit that will be obtained by the S.A Group is too big just to say it is an item released to restore the balance of the Yatan Church in the game.” 

“Satisfy operates as a single server with an open field system. The server costs are astronomical. In order to cover the cost, our sales must be maintained above a certain level. Morpheus seems to have taken this into account.” 

“The care of an artificial intelligence... it is a touching story...”

Some reporters were sarcastic, but no one openly bit at Chairman Lim Cheolho. It was because most reporters were looking at the update in a positive light. The recent weakness of the Yatan Church, who was hostile to all the forces on the West Continent, became one of the reasons for reducing interest in the game. The resurgence and success of the Yatan Church was urgent. 

“However, can the Yatan Church revive just because new and mid-level users are introduced? It is a game that has repeatedly proven that one strong person is much more valuable than thousands or tens of thousands of ordinary people. I wonder if the Yatan Church will be able to regain its former position just by increasing the numbers.” 

A senior reporter from the largest media in the United States raised this question and Chairman Lim Cheolho smiled. 

“Change won’t come in the near future. We are first sowing the seeds. Additionally, the sale of growth potions isn’t the only part of the Yatan Church’s revival update. The Yatan Church will surely be revived.” 

The way that the Yatan Church grew was to kidnap virgins and sacrifice them to strengthen the power of their believers or to summon a great demon. Since it was an organization that kidnapped so-called NPC villagers 1 and 2, it was more efficient when it came to quantity than quality. The large scale joining of new users would speed up the development. 

Additionally, many people didn’t know it, but the great demon of conflict, Amoract, was behind the Yatan Church. He was one of the few great demons qualified to fight against Baal, the 1st great demon. The Yatan Church was indeed a force with explosive potential.

 “I am looking forward to the future after hearing Chairman-nim’s words. That's it.” 

The senior reporter, who had been listening with interest while tapping on the holographic keyboard, removed his hand from the keyboard and made a meaningful expression. 

“If the update proceeds due to Morpheus’ choice and judgment, will the same thing happen again in the future? If the forces of the Yatan Church grow out of control, will the Rebecca Church sell growth potions?” 

It was definitely an important question to be raised. Players didn’t want sudden updates. It would be difficult for things to go well if the same thing happened again without prior notice. Chairman Lim Cheolho nodded. “That's right. However, I don’t think they will sell the same products. Considering Morpheus’ nature, specialized items for each faction will be sold.” 

Chairman Lim Cheolho didn’t know what new products would appear in the future and how the balance between forces would be maintained. The average person would be puzzled, but he had a speculation based on Morpheus’ ‘personality.’ 

‘After the Yatan Church, the Judar Church and Dominion Church will also revive.’ 

The Rebecca Church had gathered too many believers. 80% of religious players belonged to the Rebecca Church. Additionally, there were too many players without a religion who had friendly relations with the Rebecca Church. Grid was one of them. Chairman Lim Cheolho predicted that the balance of religions might change the pattern of power.

 ‘Sooner or later, gods with a strong authority will appear.’ 

Divinity came from faith. In the near future, there would be more gods presenting quests or certain episodes. For example, Rebecca, the goddess of light.


Chairman Lim Cheolho became troubled as he was thinking. It was because he remembered the statue of Grid in the Behen Archipelago.

 ‘No way, a religion...? That’s impossible.’

At the same time, at Shin Youngwoo’s house... 

“Everything is going well when using Morpheus as an excuse. The profit will really shoot up. Tsk tsk.” 

Shin Youngwoo was resting after logging out. He clicked his tongue as he watched the press conference being broadcasted live on TV. It was criticism that focused purely on ‘paid items’ and not the growth potions that were the content of the paid items. 

That’s right. Despite working hard himself, he didn’t care about others being able to comfortably raise their level.

It wasn’t just him. The other rankers also didn’t feel any sense of deprivation. So what if they could comfortably raise their level to 300? The real leveling up started from the second half of the 300s anyway. Furthermore, the rapid growth of new users was welcome. The more users there were, the more prosperous the game and the more powerful the authority of the rankers. 

“In any case, it will be interesting.” 

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