Chapter 1291 (Teaser)

[Title: The Yatan Church is selling experience potions? 

Contents: The Yatan Church is selling experience potions for cash. The Tier 1 potions can be taken by players below level 100, and the Tier 2 potions can be taken between levels 100 to 199. Tier 3 potions can be taken from levels 200 to 299. All of them had 700% additional experience and they can be stacked with other experience increase buffs. The price is 85,000 won for each, plus tax. There are no installment payments.] 

A post in a well-known community caught people’s attention. Naturally, there were some scornful responses. 

-Selling experience potions? It is even in cash? 

-Ah~ I see. You have started talking nonsense early in the morning. 

-What messy dream did you get this from? 

-Stupid idiot.

In order to play Satisfy, a capsule and flat monthly fee were required. The capsule cost ranged from 10 million won to hundreds of millions of won. The monthly cost was also over 300,000 won so it was a very expensive game. Now paid items were being released? There was no way. 

The S.A Group wouldn’t be sucking out money from players unless...

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