Chapter 1287 (Teaser)

Susan was full of talent and enthusiasm. She just had bad luck. If only she was born in the main family. If she had competed on the same footing as Mercedes, then she would’ve been ahead of Mercedes. 


Susan had been bothered for years. Mercedes and the traitor Piaro who were sent away by the former emperor. It was ridiculous that the two of them, who had as many shortcomings as their skills, were pretending to be great powers in a small kingdom. 

The flames from the woman’s sword, who claimed to be the queen of the Overgeared Kingdom, swept through the long corridor of the palace. The king and the guard captain were startled and curled up while Susan and the Neo Red Knights stood firmly and faced the flames. 

The carpet that was burned black filled the air with a pungent smell. The luminous ores that lit up the corridor were broken and lost their light. 

Cough, cough!” 

Ironically, the intruders became a barrier. Thanks to the Neo Red Knights standing in the middle of the corridor, the king and the guard captain escaped from the flames. They opened their eyes and let out sighs of relief. The back of the intruders, alive and well, came into view. 

Susan was safe without any wounds despite being engulfed in flames from the front. All of them had ice-like transparent blue runes around their bodies.

“Hey, this mentally disabled queen. Attacks that contain attributes are...

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