Chapter 1284 (Teaser)

The first generation of players who played Satisfy the moment it opened—many of them perceived Satisfy to be similar to traditional games. They were convinced that, like with traditional games, fighting was the core concept of Satisfy and was the ultimate goal, so they chose combat classes. 

They hadn’t fully understood the concept of a virtual reality beyond that of just a game and underestimated the scale of the societies that existed in this vast world known as Satisfy. As the aftermath of feeling the pain that actually accompanied real combat, nearly 70% of those who chose combat classes chose an archer class.

This was why the first generation of players were wronged as the ‘weakest generation’ despite having outstanding figures such as Grid, Kraugel, and Yura. 


Zibal—he was once the leader of the largest guild and he was now living a completely different life. After several incidents, he was chosen by Grandmaster Zikfrector and was active as an apostle helping with the resurrection of the seven malignant saints. 

“I am getting used to life here now.” 

The East Continent, Xing—it was a kingdom that seemed to be China in ancient times....

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