Chapter 1283 (Teaser)

It was possible for Grid to overlap the crown and the helmet. This meant he could wear one more piece of equipment than anyone else. It was being overgeared. In fact, it was possible due to the First King title effect. 

Um, it is neat.’ 

Grid checked his appearance in the mirror once more and smiled happily. A helmet with goat horns—the appearance reminiscent of a devil disappeared, and only a silver crown adorned his head. 

“Let’s depart.” 

Sticks sent a signal and Piaro and Grid stood in the magic circle. Grid nodded and the three of them disappeared without a trace. 


The East Continent’s beginner area, Pangea...

The third time Grid visited this place, it was controlled by the army. Now it was back to being an ordinary city. Many of the abandoned houses that lost their owners were filled with new residents. The ruined roads were repaired and carriages were going back and forth. 

“This is the place that was ruled by Han Seokbong.” 

Piaro showed interest. He observed with interest rather than hating the unfamiliar culture found everywhere. 

“What does the grain...

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