Chapter 1281 (Teaser)

Bain dreamed of the revival of Eclipse. He tried to regain the old reputation of Eclipse, whose name terrorized and controlled the world. 

His first endeavor was to stab the back of the former Lantier, who couldn’t give up on his foolish disciples. His second endeavor was to learn Lantier’s skills with insufficient talent. His third endeavor was to sneak into the palace and gain the emperor’s trust. 

Bain’s actions were a series of hardships. Every moment was a crisis. It felt like walking on a steel wire with a huge rock on his back. He couldn’t remember how many times he almost fell off the wire. However, Bain held on and moved forward little by little. 

Then he took a chance. It was the moment when Chensler was struck by the sword of the traitor, Edan, and when the rampage caused by Saharan’s sword swept over both Juander and Chensler. For the first time in the decades since he infiltrated the palace, Bain used Lantier’s technique and permeated the shadows. 

His hardship was at an end. He would absorb Juander’s...

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