Chapter 1280 (Teaser)

Edan’s rebellion was a failure. He failed to become the emperor, failed to save his mother, and paid the price for treason with his own life. He dared to aim the sword at the emperor, his father, and was supposed to have been erased from imperial history. The empire considered it a shame to record the prince’s rebellion. However, the empire couldn’t erase Edan’s name. 

Rather, Edan would be mentioned heavily in the future history of the empire. His rebellion had brought about too many changes. He killed the emperor, changing the empire and the world. 

Yes, he killed the emperor. The former emperor Juander was killed by Edan, who carried the sword of the founding emperor Saharan on his back. Of course, Grid had been evacuated by Juander and didn’t directly witness Juander’s end. Nevertheless, the system had clearly stated Juander’s death. The only one left in the blood-stained palace was Edan. Yet Juander was alive? 

‘...I thought this might be possible.’

It happened when he wanted to defeat Agnus who had been possessed by Baal. Grid had witnessed the appearance of the grandmaster and thought that Juander might still be alive. At the time, it was just unfounded speculation. Now in...

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