Chapter 128 (Teaser)

Chapter 128

The Judar Church, Dominion Church and Rebecca Church.

The three religions weren’t in conflict. Rather, their relationship was very good. The Rebecca Church was like a parent to the Judar and Dominion churches. The god of health and wisdom, Judar, and the god of war, Dominion, were the sons of the goddess of light, Rebecca.

Among all three religions, Goddess Rebecca was recognized as supreme.  The difference was that the Dominion Church had strong armed forces, the Judar Church worshipped health and wisdom, and the Rebecca Church sought justice.

However, the leader of the Judar Church had great ambitions.

"5th Pope Franz was originally from our church. At the time, the Rebecca Church didn’t have anyone to become pope so they took him from our church and placed him in the seat of the pope.” 

It was true. The 5th Pope Franz was actually the head of the Judar Church. But the Rebecca Church lacked talent and elected him to become the pope.

“Look at the present Pope Drevigo. He is someone who isn’t suitable for the status of pope. Everybody has been keeping it quiet, but the Rebecca Church is becoming corrupt due to Drevigo. He should resign and a new person must become pope. It’s natural...

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