Chapter 1278 (Teaser)

A sword that exerted great power on a single target—this was the type of second sword that Grid had dreamed of. He hoped that its position wouldn’t overlap with the Enlightenment Sword. This meant the position of the Fire Dragon Sword was ambiguous. The Fire Dragon Sword was suitable for slaughtering many enemies, just like the Enlightenment Sword. Therefore, Grid was a bit disappointed. 

‘It would’ve been nice to make it a greatsword.’

The fire stone was too small. Mixing more Greed would solve the problem, but if Greed’s nature became too strong, he might weaken the inherent characteristics of the ‘breath’ the fire stone launched. Therefore, he didn’t attempt it randomly.

‘Well, it can’t be helped.’ 

In the first place, it was a sword that could shoot a Breath. It was no wonder that it was strong against a large group. This didn’t mean it was a disappointing weapon against a single target. The effect of inflicting 80,000 fixed damage was too fraudulent. 

‘It is more accurate to rate it as a powerful sword for both a single target and a large group.’ 

It was an insurmountable wall just based...

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