Chapter 1276 (Teaser)

‘This is crazy...’ 

Breaking the smithy while making an item? It was a Bollywood-grade production effect. At this point, he doubted the mental state of the S.A Group’s development team. 

‘Isn’t this blacksmithing too scary?’ 

Grid was anxious when the furnace exploded. 

‘It is a real problem starting from the dragon scales.’

The Fire Stone Filled with the Breath of the Fire Dragon was an external by-product of the dragon’s breath. It was a type of secretion. Meanwhile, the dragon scales that Grid had obtained from the Tower of Wisdom were part of the dragon’s body. It was obvious that the scales were worth more than the fire stone and the difficulty of smelting would be much higher. It was easy to see just from other games. Usually, armor made of dragon scales appeared as the final item in a game. It wouldn’t be much different for Satisfy.

 ‘...I will smelt the dragon scales deep in the mountains later.’ 

He was worried that one city might be blown away when he smelted the scales. He had learned how to make ego items. He planned to smelt the scales directly after smelting...

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