Chapter 1273 (Teaser)

The S.A Group collected the food and culture of all the regions in the world and reflected it in Satisfy. Additionally, Satisfy’s food culture was so vast and wonderful that hundreds of unique ingredients existed only in Satisfy. It wasn’t uncommon for people who enjoyed gastronomy to play the game and say, ‘What new food shall I enjoy today?’ At this time, many people connected to Satisfy with expectations... 

[Reinhardt’s Korean Restaurant] 

Peak Sword, one of the 10 meritorious retainers, visited a Koran restaurant as usual.

“I really like perilla leaves.” 

He used the chopsticks in a reverent manner. Peak Sword picked up a piece of pork belly, placed it on a perilla leaf, and asked the young man sitting at the same table as him, “Why do you think that is?” 


The ID of the young man sitting down facing Peak Sword was Dae Dokman. As a VVIP member of the Korean Patriotic Association, he originally enjoyed Satisfy as a leisurely activity. Then Peak Sword discovered that his gaming talent was high and turned...

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