Chapter 1272 (Teaser)

Lantier wasn’t the name of a particular person. Instead, it was a title given to the leader of Eclipse, the strongest assassination group in the past, to keep them anonymous. However, once the 25th Lantier became a legend, a misconception took root in the world. 

“The name of the night, who caused death just by speaking, started to be hailed as an object of awe. He unintentionally came out of the shadows and lost his essence. Since then, Eclipse’s position was shaken.” 

King of Shadows, Kasim—he had been teaching Faker how to use Lantier’s techniques for the past few years and today, he was telling the story of Eclipse for the first time. As of today, he seemed to have opened his heart to Faker who had mastered Lantier’s techniques. Learning Lantier’s techniques meant one was qualified to become Lantier. 

Faker now had to study and understand Eclipse. It was his new duty. 

“Eclipse was brought out into the sun along with Lantier and soon became familiar to the public. It lost its mystique. Since it was constantly being mentioned and attracted...

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