Chapter 1271 (Teaser)

“Father!” A boy with a bright smile ran over. His beautiful blue eyes were like jewels, and his dark hair accentuated his white skin. It was the appearance of Reinhardt’s greatest celebrity, Prince Lord, who attracted the hearts of women every time he appeared on the street. 

“Lord!” Grid held Lord in his arms and ruffled the wavy hair. Lord might be 14 years old, but he was still a cute kid in Grid’s eyes. 

Hehe.” Lord rubbed his cheeks against Grid’s chest with a happy expression like a cat in the sun.  

“You have to take care of your dignity.” Then a teacher in charge of discipline came over and admonished the boy who wanted this time to last forever. 

Grid made a dark expression and picked up the blushing Lord who was slowly stepping back. 

“What is dignity between a parent and child?” 

“Your Majesty, I’m sure Queen Irene will be sad.” 

“It’s fine, it’s fine. It isn’t like this every day. Irene should understand.” 

Grid drove away the teacher and checked Lord’s details. 

He hadn’t gone through his adulthood ceremony so there were still limitations on his level and stats. However, he had acquired 12 skills that were S-grade or higher. There were more...

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