Chapter 1270 (Teaser)

The 12th Great Demon Sitri—his hand advanced through the mountains, crushed houses, and instilled great fear in humanity. How huge was it? The hand was just a ‘part’ of something. The sight of it breaking down cities and a kingdom was shocking. The moment they thought of the ‘entire’ body, the destruction of the world came to mind. 

Grid had also felt fear. The scene that he witnessed later on TV was so amazing that he was overwhelmed by the past that had already happened. Sitri’s hand was that great. Now did he hear a sound akin to a mountain being hit by a tsunami? The sound of this breathing was awful. 

‘This guy...’

The eye spun around like a vortex. It was huge and red, and Grid immediately noticed its identity. It was Sitri’s eye. A being from another world was staring at this world. 

‘Do I have to fight this guy as well?’ 

Grid felt fear when staring at Sitri’s hand because he imagined a future where he had to fight Sitri. Great demons were the enemies of humanity and the Overgeared Kingdom belonged to humanity. It was his destiny to fight them. 

‘This big guy…’

He measured it based on the size of the hand and...

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