Chapter 1267 (Teaser)

Talima’s agriculture had been completely mechanized. A variety of machines such as artificial elementals and golems took over the entire process of turning over the fields, planting seeds, and harvesting them. It wasn’t a system created because the dwarves were lazy. Rather, it was the opposite. The dwarves entrusted livelihood-related areas such as agriculture to machines so they could be faithful to their main job. 

It was obvious just by looking at the industrial situation. The dwarves had unparalleled technology, but they only focused on their craftsmanship. At the same time, they produced five or more artificial elementals and golems, and hundreds of weapons every week. This showed that their working hours were unmatched. 

In fact, the people who visited Talima always said they were a restless race. The dwarves were real workaholics who used an anvil as a table, only had a short break for meals, and used the rest of their time on labor. However, they went on strike today. Every one of them stopped working and ran to the streets to surround Pelot’s smithy. Even the festivities to celebrate...

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