Chapter 1264 (Teaser)

Many may have noticed—the dwarven racial traits weren’t about strength and dexterity, but was instead an obsession that transcended death. It was the true power of the dwarves and the driving force behind the connection with their works. The desire for their works to be immortal masterpieces inspired them to inject their soul into their works. 

This was why the ego gear were the symbol of integrity. The ego gear, that only dreamed of being the best, was upright like a tall tree and led its master on the right path. At one time, the world sanctified the ego gear and their masters. Then the world soon found out—the fact that the wicked battle gear, classified as the so-called ‘Demonic Gear,’ also possessed egos. 


Grid was shocked. It was due to the screams of beasts that came from the deep passage after the entrance of Pandemonium was opened. It sounded creepy, sharp, and wicked. He would rather hear the screams of the great demons. 

‘...Is it the sound of the wind?’ 

It happened as Grid was double-checking that it was the wind echoing in the darkness...   

“The personalities of the egos were different just as humans...

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