Chapter 1259 (Teaser)

It was said that a dwarf’s obsession transcended death—the saying wasn’t an exaggeration at all, but instead grounded in reality. The dwarves’ life expectancy was only three times that of humans, but there were some dwarves who lived longer than elves. It was because they couldn’t die until they completed their work... it was a case of surviving and exceeding the limits of life. 

‘...They forget to die while making items.’

They wouldn’t have ordinary personalities. Grid had learned about the personalities of the dwarves through Ke. 

‘I need to prepare my heart.’

Many things might happen to cause his blood to boil but he had to be patient. Interacting with the dwarves was one of his long dreamed about goals. 

Clack! Clack clack clack! 

The heat of the volcanic zone quickly reduced the health of the Overgeared Skeletons. Once they melted and disappeared, Gird stopped trying to summon Noe and Randy and looked around. Lava was flowing from the crater like a tsunami. It continued to swell on the mountain with a high slope. Noe and Randy wouldn’t be able to endure here long and would be recalled. 

‘I wanted to level up the kids but it will be hard.’ 

The average level of monsters in the volcanic...

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