Chapter 1254 (Teaser)

Kraugel always had one goal—going beyond his limit, transcending one’s own limit to face the true limitations. It was about reaching the peak.

‘There is no need to be shaken.’

The reason he was weak was because he didn’t learn Muller’s swordsmanship... 

Kraugel silently let Saleos’ provocation go as the great demon stepped on him. It was because he knew—the moment he followed Muller’s footsteps, he would lose his qualification to discuss the limit. Kraugel’s desire was to ‘transcend’ Muller. If he was going to be overshadowed by Muller anyway, he would’ve taken the easy road of following Muller’s path from the beginning.

[The reputation of the Sword Saint is in danger of falling.]

[The world doesn’t tolerate the Sword Saint’s frequent defeats.]

[In order to maintain the Sword Saint’s reputation of being the strongest in swordsmanship, you must memorize the Matchless Heart Technique.]

The Matchless Heart Technique—it was the trace of Muller obtained from completing the Sword Saint class quest. It was said that Muller obtained it...

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