Chapter 1253 (Teaser)

Was it correct to say that five great demons had emerged? The reason why various media questioned this was simple: Sitri’s hand. One of the five great demons who came to this world wasn’t a great demon, but merely a ‘part’ of the great demon. The attention of the public was bound to move away from Sitri’s hand.

What was the point of watching the hand of the 12th great demon when they could watch the 13th and 19th great demons fighting? People expected Sitri’s hand to be the first to be defeated. The media of each country didn’t pay much attention to Kalatan Fortress. Yet eventually...

The ratings of the broadcasters showing the situation at Kalatan Fortress started to soar. The broadcasters showing the situations at Kalatan Fortress, Henlutu Fortress, Lilchard Fortress, Peltrino Fortress, and the Haspachi Canal were inundated with requests from viewers to show more about Kalatan Fortress. They had no choice but to do so.

『 Hiiiiiik!! 』

The ferociousness of the scene that was shown through the camera made even the commentators scream. Sitri’s hand, which was as big as the fortress’ walls, crushed...

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