Chapter 1252 (Teaser)

His left field of view went down and his right field of view receded. It was a change in vision that wasn’t intended at all. The struggling Saleos looked back in doubt and witnessed a scene in which the world behind him had been split in half. At the same time, he realized something.

“”Sword... Saint!”” 

It was the identity of the human being in front of him. Blood erupted from Saleos’ flesh as he was cut in half from the middle of his forehead. The disgusting stench as Saleos’ organs poured out suggested his death.

『 This is unbelievable...! 』

『 A blow was struck to the 19th great demon...! 』

After Muller, the title of ‘Sword Saint’ carried the same weight as history. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that most of the history of humanity in Satisfy was protected by the Sword Saint (Muller). Unlike Pagma, who fought alone in a place no one knew, the Sword Saint had guarded people’s side and fought with them. This was recorded in many histories and passed down orally. Now the world—

-As expected of the Sword Saint!

-God Kraugel!

There was no doubt that Kraugel would continue Muller’s reputation. The sky above the sky—the pinnacle of humanity, who no one but Grid could resist, was qualified to bear humanity’s expectations.

"Earth Dragon’s Ascension."

How much had he grown in this period of time? Kraugel...

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