Chapter 1250 (Teaser)

“Is there anything I can do to help? Please give me any instructions. Pity this trivial human and give me an opportunity to serve the great lord of hell.”

The 1st ranked black magician and Yatan Servant—Rose, who played a leading role in the summoning of the great demons, had already achieved numerous feats. There was no limit to her achievements from the standpoint of the Yatan Church. However, the world didn’t rate her as the ‘best.’

Yura might’ve left the Yatan Church, but Rose would forever be regarded as the number two. Such an evaluation made Rose even more unrelenting. Rose wanted to escape from Yura’s shadow and played more intensely than anyone else. It was nothing for her to flatter the great demon who smelled terrible and had an appearance that would make people vomit.

‘This cheekiness is good.’

‘She is unusually determined.’

Dantalion had several faces above one neck—there were the faces of a boy and girl smiling innocently, the face of an anguished young man, the face of a sad woman, the face of a confident gentleman, the face of a graceful lady, the face of a...

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