Chapter 1247 (Teaser)

The Yatan Church was one of the greatest forces representing Satisfy. Before a player (Damian) became the pope, the Yatan Church was considered to be one of the two strongest powers in Satisfy along with the Rebecca Church. It meant they were powerful enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the empire.

However, the Yatan Church had physiological limitations. It was the limitation of a villain. The Yatan Church had to pay the price of being hostile to all kingdoms and the vast majority of players. As players grew, the Yatan Church started to face retaliation. After 10 years, they lost almost all their foothold.

The Yatan Church’s notoriety, which had been heard everywhere on the continent, was now inaudible. The Yatan Church’s former evil deeds, which almost led the world to destruction by bringing a great demon here, was reduced to the level of attempted kidnapping. It was a blessing to the world.

“We’ve endured the humiliation for too long.”

From the viewpoint of the Yatan Church, it was a pain that needed to be removed. The Yatan Church kidnapped virgins...

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