Chapter 1247

The Yatan Church was one of the greatest forces representing Satisfy. Before a player (Damian) became the pope, the Yatan Church was considered to be one of the two strongest powers in Satisfy along with the Rebecca Church. It meant they were powerful enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with the empire.

However, the Yatan Church had physiological limitations. It was the limitation of a villain. The Yatan Church had to pay the price of being hostile to all kingdoms and the vast majority of players. As players grew, the Yatan Church started to face retaliation. After 10 years, they lost almost all their foothold.

The Yatan Church’s notoriety, which had been heard everywhere on the continent, was now inaudible. The Yatan Church’s former evil deeds, which almost led the world to destruction by bringing a great demon here, was reduced to the level of attempted kidnapping. It was a blessing to the world.

“We’ve endured the humiliation for too long.”

From the viewpoint of the Yatan Church, it was a pain that needed to be removed. The Yatan Church kidnapped virgins and used them as materials for the ritual of the great demon summoning. They also kidnapped children and raised them into fanatics. Then the relentless pursuit of the Templar in the last year cut off all the foundation of their growth. Too much damage was accumulated from their enemies being everywhere.

At this rate, the Yatan Church would be destroyed. They were prevented from fulfilling their duty to spread the greatness of God Yatan to the world.

The anxious Yatan Servants, including Rose, prayed for 33 days. She couldn’t hunt for 33 days, couldn’t do quests, and could only participate in prayer ceremonies. Honestly, she became very skeptical. She had joined the Yatan Church to rule the world. Was this the result of gritting her teeth and suffering in the past few years while being covered by Yura’s shadow? She wanted to do something crazy and was seriously wondering if she should leave the Yatan Church and live a new life. Then Amoract’s revelation twisted everything.




The Yatan Servants gathered in front of a huge gap in the world. Rose recited the demon summoning spell with all of them and got goosebumps all over her body. She could clearly hear it—the cries of the great demons that were responding to the spell. She could see it—the gap that was steadily widening. She felt it—the existence of the great demons that were steadily approaching.

[The ‘Crack Between Two Worlds’, which exists somewhere on the continent, is expanding.]

[27th Great Demon, Ronove, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[25th Great Demon, Dantalion, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[19th Great Demon, ‘Eccentric Duke’ Saleos, has descended to the human world to take over.]

Ah, ahhh...” Rose looked at the great demons emerging through the gap and trembled like never before. The cause was the presence of the 19th ranked great demon, Saleos. It was something that transcended everything Rose imagined. Sitting on top of a crocodile bigger than a horse, this great demon was different from the great demons in the 20s and 30s who had been seen in the world so far. 

“”I’m finally stepping on the middle world. How about it? Are you happy, Palos?””

Grruk. Grruruk.

The gleaming eyes of the crocodile swept over the Yatan believers and all of them, including the Yatan Servants, stiffened. It was due to the ‘curse of petrification’ that was triggered the moment they made eye contact. Saleos touched Palos, his crocodile, and approached the believers who were too frightened to move.

““Food is everywhere on this land. There is no need for me to eat Amoract’s slaves.””


Despite Saleos’ calm, the eyes of the drooling crocodile were still full of greed. It was the moment when the Yatan believers looked at him with shock. A huge ‘hand’ stretched out from the gap in the worlds and crushed the crocodile’s head. Saleos hurriedly jumped from the crocodile and stared at the hand.

Bababam! Bambabam!

Fanfare echoed through the massive mine. The destructive power of the music was so great that it caused the Elliter Mine, which had existed for thousands of years, to shake and start to be destroyed.


Once the crocodile died, the Yatan believers were released from their petrified state. Now they took a step back. Rose was the one who acted faster than anyone else. She feared the mine would collapse and was already running away from the crowd. Then she soon stopped moving.

[13th Great Demon, ‘Berserk King’ Beleth, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[The hand of the 12th Great Demon, Sitri, has descended to the human world to take over.]

It was the emergence of the 13th great demon and partial emergence of the 12th great demon. Rose felt that the opportunity to witness the emergence of ‘real’ beings with power that transcended a half-god was more important than her own life. She checked again to make sure the video recording mode was working properly and looked back the way she came. In that place...

“”How dare you summon me?””

It was a scene where the angry Berserk King thrust his spear. His spear stopped just before it skewered the Yatan Servants.

“”Bastard, you dare to provoke me by using a cheap trick and pulling Sitri’s strings?””

It was thanks to Saleos’ intervention. He wept as he mourned the crocodile killed by Sitri’s hands and expressed his resentment towards Beleth, not Sitri. Beleth, who had the nickname of Berserk King, stared for a moment as his spear was blocked by Saleos, who would ‘unconditionally’ win in a battle of strength.

“”That wasn’t my intention. Let me apologize.””


The 33 great demons competed with each other. Who would conquer more than the lands of hell and ultimately become a god? However, Saleos and Beleth were great demons under Baal’s rule. They shouldn’t fight with each other. Annoyance and dissatisfaction filled their faces.

Saleos and Beleth asked the Yatan Servants who had endured for 10 years.

“”Was Sitri’s hand pulled out by that wily fellow Amoract?”” 

“”I want to see blood. Guide me to the place where most humans live.””


[27th Great Demon, Ronove, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[25th Great Demon, Dantalion, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[19th Great Demon, ‘Eccentric Duke’ Saleos, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[13th Great Demon, ‘Berserk King’ Beleth, has descended to the human world to take over.]

[The hand of the 12th Great Demon, Sitri, has descended to the human world to take over.]

Shocking world messages disrupted the world. The 22nd Great Demon, Berith—humanity had almost perished due to one of the great demons. Now they sensed that real extinction was around the corner.

『 In the ancient ruins excavated by the Saharan Empire in the past, there were records about the great demons having a different dimension of strength from the top 10 great demons... 』

『 It is said that Dantalion’s book records the secrets of the world—the past and everything that happens in the future. It is said that even Muller was unable to hurt him because of his wisdom. 』

『 Even if all the nations of the West Continent cooperate, they won’t be able to cope with the 13th great demon Beleth. 』

Broadcasters all over the world were busy offering skeptical analyses. Experts used the word ‘apocalypse’ to describe the situation.

After the destruction of the West Continent, all the surviving players would move to the East Continent and from there, Satisfy’s second season would begin—people accepted it as a plausible interpretation since the level of the East Continent was overwhelmingly higher than that of the West Continent.

It was just that the rankers had different ideas. They saw the reality of the yangbans thanks to Grid and knew that the East Continent was a sinister and harsh environment beyond the West Continent. It would be hell for players if they waited for the West Continent to be destroyed. Therefore, the West Continent couldn’t perish. They had to stop the invasion of great demons...

It happened as all the rankers were determined to lead their respective forces to fight...

[Basara, empress of the Saharan Empire, has made a proclamation throughout the continent.]

[”The empire will be a spear and shield. All of humanity must unite to stop the advance of the great demons.”]

[Empress Basara has unveiled the route of the great demons’ march.]


Along with the new world message, five stars appeared on the map of all players. They were symbols marking the great demons’ current locations. Their paths of movement were also kindly predicted.

“The empire’s real-time intelligence gathering is the strongest in the world.”

The number one explorer, Skunk, looked at the map and marveled. He once again confirmed that the empire’s map was more complete than his own and told Lauel, “I think we can trust it.”

“I understand.”

Lauel nodded as he summoned the Overgeared members and moved locations. They arrived at the gathering place suggested by Emperor Basara and saw that many players had already arrived.

“The Overgeared Guild!”

The emergence of the Overgeared Guild, led by Lauel, calmed the turmoil of the world. The guild leaders, who were busy showing off each other’s power even in the midst of the crisis, were all meek in front of the Overgeared members.

“Welcome, Prime Minister.”

“I greet Empress Basara, who leads the Millennium Empire.”

The silent players all held their breaths at once. The position of the Overgeared Guild might be high but the players never dreamed that the empress would come out to meet them. Basara looked at the faces of the Overgeared members and asked carefully, “King Grid...?”


Lauel opened the map with an awkward expression and pointed to a star. This caused Basara’s face to harden. “He went to the Berserk King?”

Lauel didn’t deny it. He nodded while looking at the tens of thousands of players gathered in this place. “Yes, he said he would buy some time for us while we kill Ronove and Dantalion.”


No one could respond. It was because Lauel’s declaration meant nothing. Grid might be the supreme one, but how could he fight against a great demon alone? It happened as the silence was going to drag out...

The number one ice magician, Bondre, stepped forward and declared, “Tell this to Grid. It is enough if he lasts five minutes.”

He arrived at the scene with War God Ares and the thousands of rankers who followed him. It was just a month after Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers started hunting in the Chaos Mountains. 

On the same day, the large-scale strikes of the great demons were launched.

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