Chapter 1245 (Teaser)

266.759% experience, Heart with Bunhelier’s Protection, and the possibility of a new sword dance, Dragon—this was the list of rewards Grid obtained from raiding Helena. Helena had a high level and gave Grid a great deal of experience, allowing him to reach level 411. Their contributions were quite small but Grid’s knights shared the rewards and seemed to have gained considerable experience.

However, Grid was more skeptical than excited.

‘Isn’t she the peak of her species?’

Grid had the Different Species’ King title.

[Different Species’ King]

[You have proved your king’s qualification by embracing non-human species.

★ Permanent Effects

* Different species are very favorable to you. 

* If the target is a different species, the probability of increasing affinity will double.

* However, some warlike species will want to test your abilities.

★ Limited Effects

* The ‘contract’ system is activated with the title effect.

* There are three contracts available. (1/3)

★Those You Are Currently Contracted With:

1. Hao (Player, half-draconian)

-Contract Effect-

The skill ‘Dragon Wings’ is activated.

The half-draconians’ aggressiveness will be slightly suppressed.

2. Teruchan (NPC, Twilight Orc)

-Contract Effect-

Your stamina stat coefficient is increased by 1.8 times.]


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