Chapter 1244 (Teaser)

His transcendent senses woke up from where they had been sleeping for a while and warned Grid. It happened the moment Grid was gulping...


A huge spear of light appeared in the sky. It was Disintegrate. The identity of the spear that fell toward Helena’s head was the spell of the highest level that rarely appeared even in legends. For some reason, it was a technique that Braham had kept hidden.

‘As expected of Braham!’

It was an exquisite and deadly attack worthy of a legendary magician.


Grid admired Braham’s attack and anticipated Helena’s death, only for his heart to sink. A shield of hard magic that spread around Helena blocked the spear of light. He could hear Braham clicking his tongue. “That enemy is under the protection of the dragon. The magic won’t work until you get rid of that protection.”

Huh...? Again?!” Why didn’t magic work at every important moment? Grid felt resentment at Braham’s diminished power since becoming his teammate. He felt frustrated because he didn’t know about Braham slaughtering the yangbans at the expense of one arm.

Braham scoffed at the bewildered Grid. “You have to break her protection first if you want me to play an active part.”

Braham wasn’t bluffing—originally, the dragon species itself was the worst enemy for a magician and Helena was endlessly close to a dragon. 


Grid was reminded about how Braham merely ‘survived’ Fire Dragon Trauka and recognized the seriousness of the situation. Now it was time for Grid to play an active role,...

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