Chapter 1242 (Teaser)

Common sense was usually an immutable truth. Common sense was born from the knowledge and experience of predecessors and it was never easily reversed.


The low-grade warrior Kube had common sense. In his common sense, the senior warriors were the best talents representing the half-draconians. They developed at the moment of crisis, were never easily defeated, and could create reversals in bad situations. The senior warriors seemed like those who monopolized all the blessings in the world. 


Kube couldn’t believe it despite witnessing the senior warrior Caspar being slaughtered like livestock. Reality started to feel like a dream.

H-Hahaha...! I see! I was dreaming!”

When had this dream started? Was it from when Praba had been defeated by an unknown knight of this city on the outskirts? Was it from the moment Jad died? Or was it when he was caught as a slave to humans? No, unfortunately, these things were reality. The beginning of the dream obviously started recently. The dream must’ve started from when the people walking behind him were three people only to suddenly increase to...

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