Chapter 1241 (Teaser)

“That’s it for today.”

“You too?” 

“Me too.”

“You are senior warriors and you can’t even last for 10 minutes? Tsk, you fools.”

“Shut up. I’m fortunate not to be overwhelmed in 10 seconds.”

The lifespan of the half-draconians was 150 years. Their natural physical abilities were so excellent that they rarely died of illnesses or accidents. However, the half-draconians didn’t have a high population. It was barely maintained at 300 people for the past millennium. Was it because they killed each other at the festival (ranking competition) that ranked their kin?

No. It could be seen from the effect of the contract between Grid and Hao that the aggressiveness of the half-draconians was somewhat repressed among those of the same race. It was surprisingly rare for a festival to cause casualties. Even so, the reason for the small population of the half-draconians was simple.

Their breeding capacity was low. There were too many fetuses that died because they couldn’t bear the evil blood of Bunhelier flowing through the mother’s body. That’s right. 30 out of 300—the reason why Helena was chased by a small number of half-draconians, 10% of the population,...

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