Chapter 1240 (Teaser)

The grandmaster. He had never introduced himself. However, he existed 250 years ago, 170 years ago, 80 years ago, and 40 years ago. Every time the war between the half-draconians and the empire intensified and the imperial forces on the front lines were in a crisis, the half-draconians saw the man recorded in their history. The guardian of the empire—he clearly fought for the empire based on the way he saved the imperial army from a crisis and killed the senior warriors of the half-draconians.

The strength of the man who maintained the same title and appearance for hundreds of years had transcended that of a human and was comparable to the lord of the half-draconians. All the lords of those times had failed to kill him and they were humiliated by watching the war ending in either a draw or a defeat.

This was why the new lords aimed at the grandmaster. By beating the grandmaster, they would prove themselves to be the strongest lord of all time. This was the ultimate goal of all the lords. The same was true for Helena, who Jad served. The reason she came to the Chaos Mountains was to prove her worth by gaining the strongest power, recapturing the lord’s position, and defeating the grandma...

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