Chapter 1235 (Teaser)

Bright orange hair that was like looking at the sun—it felt like the sun in the sky, which had been hidden by the blizzard, had actually fallen to the ground. 

“57 minutes.”

Helena swept back her fluttering hair and looked around. The last ridge of the Chaos Mountains... 

For the first time since she arrived, she was left alone in a place filled with vicious monsters. However, she knew it was just a short silence. In a few seconds, new monsters would rush in and Helena didn’t have the health left to handle them.


A smile spread on Helena’s cold face. It was a beautiful smile but it was actually filled with ridicule. She ridiculed the people who remained in their homeland, obsessed with the notion that ‘there is no better toy than the empire.’

‘I’m looking forward to their disappointment when they realize sooner or later that the empire isn’t worth playing with.’


How much further would she have to progress if she wanted to fight non-stop on the seventh ridge? Helena was returning to the sixth ridge in a joyful state when she stopped. A half-draconian, Jad, had found her and was running toward...

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