Chapter 1234 (Teaser)

“A human? Hahat! You are too impatient! We said that we would see you tomorrow morning!”

A half-draconian, Heltavon, came after discovering the unexpected guest. He was extremely excited. A human was slaughtering monsters alone in the Chaos Mountains? It was natural to look forward to it.

‘I didn’t expect there to be a person soloing in such a remote place! It is interesting!’

The world had changed a lot while they were trapped in the imperial walls. It was worthwhile to throw away the frogs in the well who wanted to play with the empire to wander through the mountains.

Duguen! Duguen!

Heltavon’s heartbeat sped up. The blood of the evil dragon Bunhelier that flowed through his veins boiled hot. The innate aggressiveness of the half-draconians poured out. “Well, I don’t care if I fight tomorrow or not. I will start the fight straight away. Right?”

It was well known that the half-draconians were mountain dwellers. However, it was still a problem for them to be fully self-sufficient when it came to food, clothing, housing, and transportation. This was why the half-draconians had prepared an event for Duke Steim.

They planned to use Frontier as a supply base to stay in the Chaos Mountains for a while and engage in a frenzied struggle with the monsters. In front of the inhabitants of Frontier, they planned to slaughter the most powerful talent in order to dominate Frontier’s people and...

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