Chapter 1233 (Teaser)

“Please go back straight away tonight. This place is dangerous.”


Duke Steim’s whisper filled Grid with doubt.

Frontier—it was the very north and the end of the Overgeared Kingdom. It was surrounded by snowstorms and rugged mountains all year round so communication with the central government wasn’t smooth. The basic problem was that it was too far away. Frontier was a remote area where the anti-Grid forces operated in the dark.

However, things had changed. In the wake of the anti-coalition incident, the alert Grid stationed some of the Overgeared members in the north. He asked them to let him know if anything unusual happened in the north. They empowered Duke Steim, who defended the north alone from the monsters and barbarians beyond the walls and from the internal enemies.

That’s right—Grid was able to see Frontier’s situation in near real-time. Until yesterday, there was no incident in Frontier.

‘Then what is so dangerous?’

“Let’s go into the castle.”

A bright smile spread across Duke Steim’s face as he raised his head and guided Grid. The serious expression from just now disappeared like he was conscious of someone’s eyes.

“You look cold.”

Duke Steim took off his cloak and covered Jishuka. Jishuka was...

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