Chapter 1230 (Teaser)

“Prime Minister! Why didn’t you stop His Majesty?”

Administrator Rabbit visited Lauel’s office and raised his voice. He was so furious that his entire face and neck were red.

“Why were you silent while His Majesty destroyed all of the kingdom’s insane dragon iron?!”

Over the past few years, the economic market of the Overgeared Kingdom had changed significantly. Agriculture used to be the center of the economy but now the armory business had become the industry that represented the Overgeared Kingdom. The reason behind this was the insane dragon iron. Thanks to the infinite multiplication of the insane dragon iron, all the battle gear were produced almost free of charge. This meant enormous profits were made. The insane dragon iron was one of the treasures that promoted the profit of the battle gear industry of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Then Rabbit received the news that King Grid, after returning today, recovered and destroyed all the insane dragon iron. Rabbit was the administrator with the duty to make the kingdom rich and felt like he had been struck by lightning out of the blue.

“His Majesty should still have some of the insane dragon...

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