Chapter 1229 (Teaser)

[The ’Small Magic Machines Production Method’ has been acquired.]

[Small Magic Machines Production Method]

[Rating: Ancient

A production method for a magic machine suitable for human control.

Learning Condition: Five craftsman level production skills or one legendary production technique. 

Weight: 1]

It was surprising. Grid originally thought that the production of the magic machines was left to the scholars and alchemists but his predictions were completely wrong.

‘It doesn’t matter what production field it is in as long as it reaches the peak...’

The blueprint created by the legendary scientist was so perfect that anyone with the skill to digest it could follow it. He thought he should take it as a matter of fact.

‘The rating is classified as ancient, just like Raiders.’

‘Ancient’ was a special rating.

It was treated separately from the normal-myth ratings and there were no stat bonuses when one was produced. Even so, the regret that Grid felt right now wasn’t about the lack of stats that were acquired.

‘The problem is that I need two tons of Greed.’

Greed doubles every 10 days. It was only possible to acquire two tons of Greed after two months. Of course, this...

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