Chapter 1227 (Teaser)

Grid’s gameplay style was very unique. Unlike other people who liked to experience new content as soon as it appeared, Grid often left many situations alone. It was a type of habit. It was a habit sparked by too many failures when attempting to do new content. It was why Grid passively approached new quests and systems.

The same was true for visiting the Tower of Wisdom. What type of privilege was it to be first in the unified rankings? Ordinary players would have visited the Tower of Wisdom excitedly the moment they knew of its existence. In fact, Kraugel immediately visited the Tower of Wisdom.

Meanwhile, Grid pushed the tower visit back. He didn’t feel the need to approach content that he could do at any time. The attitude was completely different from the average player who tried to access new content in order to grow quicker.


At the S.A Group’s headquarters...

Director Yoon Sangmin watched the situation at the Tower of Wisdom and clicked his tongue. The Tower of Wisdom was clearly meant to be favorable to the Pioneer. It was because if there was a problem in the world like the insane dragon iron, the tower must solve it...

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