Chapter 1226 (Teaser)

‘Indeed... It is darker than Muller’s color.’

Grid succeeded in fusing fighting energy and sword energy. Hayate’s mouth twitched at the sight. The joy he felt was so great that he wanted to cheer on Grid. The Hero King was someone to create peace in the world. Grid’s growth would be a great help to the Tower of Wisdom. In fact, the former Hero King Muller had directly helped the tower by subduing the great demons. Thanks to Muller’s presence, the tower members had been able to focus on containing Baal and the dragon.

‘This person might be able to go beyond Muller’s prime or even me.’

Where in the world would there be a person who could simultaneously make progress in the area of the three geniuses Pagma, Braham and Madra? It probably wouldn’t show up twice. Grid was unique from birth and had already demonstrated his credentials by achieving several feats. The red phoenix’s heart that he carried was the proof.

“Hayate!” Grid moved his energetic body around before bowing to Hayate. “Thank you for your great teachings! I will never forget today’s grace.”

“You don’t have to be grateful. You already have infinite potential and I just gave you a shortcut.”

Hayate spoke humbly but...

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