Chapter 1225 (Teaser)

Grid didn’t know the conditions for an epic to occur. He just vaguely thought that he had to make great achievements. However, the truth was different. The epics that Grid had written so far weren’t only focused on achievements but also on relationships. The fifth epic proved this. Therefore...

“I am cursed due to the dragons’ terrible words of contempt and hatred toward me. So put away your envy. It is you, not me, who deserves to receive that look.”


In the process of his conversation and building up rapport with the special being called the Dragon Slayer, Grid felt expectant. He thought that a sixth epic would occur soon. Then his prediction came true.

[The beginning of the narrative begins with the confession of a lonely Absolute.]

“I got to know you.” 

[He dared to comfort the one who stood higher than himself.]

“Those lizard bastards who cursed you, I will surely destroy them someday.”

An epic occurred and Grid expressed his feelings truthfully. He spoke candidly about Hayate’s pain and sorrow and his desire to overcome it together. Grid knew it was enough. So far, the epics had responded to his...

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