Chapter 1224 (Teaser)

“It is real visualization... isn’t this the realm of a Sword Saint?”

The Dragon Killing Sword and Kraugel’s Heart Sword contained the same concept. This meant that by learning the Dragon Killing Sword, he was qualified to be a Sword Saint. Grid wasn’t happy. He felt uncomfortable. He was worried that he would take away Kraugel’s pride and self-esteem.

Hayate laughed as he read the complex emotions on Grid’s face. “As expected. In the present era, you are filled with misunderstandings about the Sword Saint.”


“Heart Sword isn’t the measure of a Sword Saint. It is just one of the numerous swordsmanship that a Sword Saint can create.”


“Even if Dragon Killing Sword contains the same concept as the Heart Sword, it doesn’t mean you can enter the realm of a Sword Saint just by learning it.”


“In this day and age, the weight of the name Sword Saint is too light. Perhaps it is because Sword Saint Kraugel of the current era is still in the development stage.”

Hayate smiled. It was because Grid’s eyes had become a bit fierce. “Don’t get me wrong. I don’t intend to demean...

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