Chapter 1222 (Teaser)

Just because King Arthur and his knights sat side by side at the round table didn’t mean their positions were equal. The meaning of the round table was equality but this was sometimes symbolic. It was the case now. The seat where Hayate sat was the top seat.

Once he opened his mouth, all the tower members listened politely.

“The righteous being of the east has been revived. It seems that you resurrected the red phoenix?” Hayate smiled as he gazed at Grid's heart, as if he was seeing through everything and looking directly at the heart of the red phoenix. “I never thought that a human would share the most noble life of the red phoenix of the Four Auspicious Beasts. I’m proud to be a fellow human being.”

“...Do you know the true myth of the East Continent?”

For Grid, the encounter with Biban and Abellio was shocking. Both of them recognized the problem that Grid was experiencing and taught him, so Grid felt awe at the existence of the tower members. However, Hayate saw much more than they did. He knew more.

“The Tower of Wisdom doesn’t distinguish the world between east to west. We always...

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