Chapter 1221 (Teaser)

“I don’t know what it is but I can help you. I can feel from the energy of the insane dragon iron in your hands that you have completed the mission I entrusted to you. This will be a reward.”

Biban was Grid’s benefactor. If it wasn’t for the favor he showed during the 9th’s Test, Grid wouldn’t have gained the Matchless Heart Technique. Biban even corrected the Undefeated King’s Swordsmanship. Grid liked Biban. It was a short relationship but he felt absolute liking and gratitude. He just didn’t trust Biban very much at the moment because this person didn’t know what fighting energy was. In the first place, Biban didn’t recognize fighting energy. The proof was that he mistook Grid as Mercedes’ servant on their first meeting.

‘If Biban knew about the Hero King’s fighting energy then he wouldn’t have mistaken my identity.’

Could such a person help with the fusion of fighting energy and sword energy? Abellio stepped forward as Grid was feeling perplexed.

“The secret techniques that Biban left behind...

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