Chapter 1220 (Teaser)

Were there any special expectations of the Pioneer? Or did he just miss interacting with others? Abellio’s attitude toward Grid was very friendly.

“What does it mean that there are so many burdens on my body and heart that I can’t develop?”

“It means exactly what it means. The skills that burden your body and your heart are inhibiting your growth.”


“Every time you use a skill, your body and heart need recovery and you can’t afford the enlightenment you need for growth.” 


“In essence, growth comes from experience but experience will become full one day. At this time, the concept that replaces experience is enlightenment.”


Grid tried to interpret it as simply as possible. Based on Abellio’s words, growth meant level and experience was, well, experience.

Grid looked back and recalled—in order to reach his current level, he had repeatedly leveled up via accumulating experience through quests and hunting, but then at some point, it became difficult. In particular, the amount of experience required for leveling up had risen too much since he reached a certain...

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