Chapter 1217 (Teaser)

Reinhardt was creating the largest smithy complex on the continent. There were thousands of chimneys endlessly emitting smoke so the landscape of Reinhardt was reminiscent of England during the Industrial Revolution. However, Reinhardt had Sticks. As an elementalist, he worked with the wind elementals to purify Reinhardt’s air. Therefore, Reinhardt’s air and sky were always clear.

“This is what Yang Fei said...”

A golden wheat field stretching out under the blue sky.

The smile didn’t leave Irene’s face as she walked with Grid along a picturesque landscape. She talked about what happened while Grid was away and seemed happier than anyone else in the world.

‘How can she be so good?’

She must be lonely but Irene only talked about happy things. This nature once again touched Grid’s heart. Lord being 13 years old now proved the passage of time. It was worrying that Irene carried this alone and tried hard not to express her anxiety and sadness to Grid.

‘She is crying alone in places I can’t see.’

Irene was strong. She was a mother and a queen, after all. However, she had been kidnapped by the Yatan Church and she was particularly vulnerable to loneliness and anxiety.



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