Chapter 1216 (Teaser)

“Sir Dante, I’m glad you look good.”

The moment Grid sat on the throne, the atmosphere of the palace turned 180 degrees. The loneliness of the throne was lifted and the space was filled with an electrifying majesty.

Dante gulped and replied politely, “According to the words of Great Sage Sticks, the atmosphere of the Overgeared Kingdom is well suited to my constitution. In particular, he diagnosed that Reinhardt’s excellent water quality had a positive effect on me, who has good affinity with water.”

“Is that your secret to regaining health and youth?”

Dante only met Grid at the end of his old age. He couldn’t examine Grid properly because of his vision that was clouded by the years. There was a dignity contrary to his frivolous words and deed, the age hidden behind the youth, and the insight in the provocative eyes. Dante just vaguely felt that Grid was a great man without seeing anything for certain.

“To be exact, it was Your Majesty’s grace. Thanks to Your Majesty’s generous welcome, I was able to become a citizen of the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Dante felt great when he was able to face Grid straight on because of his improved health. He was more courteous to Grid than even the old emperor that he admired. Grid nodded....

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