Chapter 1213 (Teaser)

『 This is the end of the 5th National Competition. From the special program before the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the viewers who have been accompanying our BBD Station for a long week. 』

The quest Call of the Heavens didn’t have much repercussions. Only 11 people ignored the warnings of the S.A Group and dropped out of the National Competition. Some of them weren’t even medalists. It was difficult to make an issue about the absence of a few people when the world was shaken by the performance of Demon King Damian. Furthermore...

South Korea came first. Even without Grid, South Korea’s medals tally was far ahead of the United States and China. Most of the people in the world were busy talking about the results of the National Competition.

“This is all because of that Kraugel!”

The Chinese people booed Kraugel, who had taken China’s best gold medal chances several times.

“Lauel’s absence was regrettable...”

The Americans realized how much the person called Lauel had helped the United States. Some argued that it would be a big problem if Lauel naturalized...

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