Chapter 1212 (Teaser)

The shimmering streams of light seemed to hint at a wonderful future. They tangled together. The two black tortoises approached each other with the light as the backdrop. They touched foreheads and gazed at each other with gentle looks.

『 Thank you... 』

The black tortoises were originally one. It was natural for the black tortoise of death and water to be united again. Yet Grid somehow felt like crying. The last voice of the black tortoise of death was deeply engraved in his heart. “Remember! Don’t forget that you are the most beloved and respected being in the world!”

『 ...Thank you 』

The black tortoise of death just repeated its gratitude before scattering. The remnants of the warm voice melted into the sky and earth, the rivers and seas, bringing blessings to the world.

[Black Tortoise of the Four Auspicious Beasts has succeeded in a complete resurrection!]

[★Hidden Quest ★ ‘Protect the Black Tortoise’ has been cleared.]

[The Black Tortoise’s Shell has been acquired as a quest clear reward.] 

[Affinity with the black tortoise has reached the maximum.]

Once again, the black tortoise was beautiful and holy. The scenery of the north projected in the black tortoise’s blue eyes were full of abundance. The huge shell covering Mount Baekmi like a roof seemed to symbolize an umbrella that would protect the north from all types of...

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