Chapter 1211 (Teaser)

‘Are these real clones?’

The higher the number of clones, the lower the quality of the clones. Every time a separate body was created and maintained, it would consume a lot of the caster’s magic power and concentration, so it was impossible to launch tactics with the separate body.

At first glance, Hwang Gildong summoned nearly 200 clones. All the clones running toward Grid had the same appearance but their behaviors and expressions were different. At this point, it wasn’t a clone but a second and third Hwang Gildong.


Grid was about to launch Storm of the Fire God, only to groan and fail. The clones that jumped out from the thick bushes behind him grabbed his cloak and limbs. This meant he missed the timing to draw a sword, let alone use a skill. Grid was disgusted as Hwang Gildong’s hands came through the gaps in his armor and he shouted, “Where are you touching?”

Uhuh! Stay still!”

Haha! If you don’t like it then hand over the black tortoise hidden in your arms!”

“My heart is wide and hard!” 

Hwang Gildong’s clones were even more ridiculous. They shouted different lines with different expressions. It was in real time. It was as if every clone had their own thinking ability. Grid felt more creeped out than admiration at the level of the clones he had never seen before but he tried...

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