Chapter 1210 (Teaser)

[Protect the Black Tortoise]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

Someone unknown has completed the ritual of resurrection when the black tortoise’s ego is divided into two.

Therefore, the black tortoise has been divided into the black tortoise of death and the black tortoise of water.

Help reunite the black tortoise of death with the black tortoise of water.

Quest Clear Condition: Reunion of the black tortoise of death and the black tortoise of water.

Quest Clear Rewards: Black tortoise’s shell. Affinity with the black tortoise will reach the maximum.

Quest Failure: The weakening of the black tortoise. The balance of the Four Auspicious Beasts will collapse. The new episode ‘Descent of King Sobyeol’. 

★ Once the Descent of King Sobyeol occurs, the myths of the East Continent will once again be covered with lies.]

‘Who is King Sobyeol?’ It was the first time he heard this name in the game. Based on the content, it was only possible to guess that it was one of the Five Seniors. On the other hand, the identity of the unknown person who completed the resurrection ritual was obvious. It was Hwang Gildong, the man who stole the Black Tortoise Jewel.

The clear rain falling was thickening.

[The protection of the black tortoise will cover all things in the north.]

[The level and stats of all beings living in the south will rise slightly.]

[Some of the weakened sacred creatures have regained a bit of their strength.]

[Some of the scattered traces of the false myths will disappear.]

[A small number of beings...

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