Chapter 1209 (Teaser)

Grid was intimidated by Maru. Maru’s stats might be worse than Garam’s, but his technical level was higher. So Grid felt a pressure comparable to the first time he met Garam. 

He admired Old Sword Demon lasting 10 minutes against Maru, but simultaneously, he felt frustrated. 

‘It will be hard if I’m caught by him even once.’ 

If it wasn’t for the resurrection of the red phoenix, Maru would’ve been stronger than Garam. There would be no chance of winning then. Grid had consumed so many skills in his previous fights that there was a high probability of losing even if his health was 100%.

Due to the land that was fluctuating like waves, Grid struggled to regain his balance. The harsh storm interfered with his senses, but he barely escaped by relying on his transcendent status. He ignored the thunderbolts that fell toward his body and quickly raised his concentration.

‘It is best to borrow Mercedes’ power to increase the chances of winning.’ 

The fraudulent nature of Keen Insight had already been proven. It was the power to contemplate the target’s thoughts and actions, forcing fate. Its absolute power had been fatal against Garam.

‘If Keen Insight is implanted in my body, I’ll be able to avoid the attacks while striking at Maru’s weaknesses.’

First, Grid had to take the initiative. He had to deal as much damage as possible and buy time for Old Sword Demon and the high rankers to recover. This was the first step. Grid was planning for a long battle,...

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